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    Bowman // Ride With Spirit

    Unique, UK designed, accessible bike frames with exceptional attention to detail. The team behind the bikes are inspired by our local environments: truly varied terrain influences both the riding and the time spent in the design studio. We want to do more than just sell you a dream; we want to help you Ride With Spirit.

    The Bikes //


    This focussed road speed merchant may owe its name to South London’s weekly world champs – Crystal Palace Crits, but the very features that make it suited to the technical race circuit shine through on the open road. Sharp handling and stability at speed make the Palace perfect for riders who just want a great handling ride.


    THE BIKE TO CHANGE WONDERING TO WANDERING - Open your riding up to new adventure. Passing roadside paths and trails we query, “Where does that go?” Quash the curiosity with extra tyre clearance and RoadPlus geometry that allow you to explore new tracks. On the black stuff the same geometric tweaks makes for rock solid descending and year round, mile crunching dependability, with full rain protection room to boot.


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