Dynaplug Refill Pack



As we join the Tubeless revolution, Dynaplugs have been revelation for us here at G!RO. After a few winter punctures, we needed a refill. If you're anything like us, grab a handy refill pack here..

Ideal for Racer, Racer Pro or MegaPill owners, the Dynaplug Plug Pack comes as either 5 standards Soft Nose plugs for £8.99, or 3 standard Soft Nose plugs and 2 of our XL MegaPlugs for more serious damage for £10.99

Megaplug repair plugs are ideal for larger punctures, approximately 3 times as thick as a standard plug with a custom 6061 aluminum tip

Dynaplug is the fastest, easiest and all-round best way to repair a tubeless tyre mid-ride. When needed, just remove whatever caused the puncture, firmly push the novel insertion tube straight into the hole and extract the tool depositing the repair plug in the tyre, done!

Collections: Workshop Picks

Type: Cycling Accessories


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