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Here at G!RO, we've been looking to get a big OFF-ROAD//GRAVEL event in the diary for a while now, and after months of careful planning, it's here! Join us Saturday 8th October, from 8am!! The TEAM EVENT of the year, OKTOBER GRAVEL FEST 22! Channelling that #RideWithMates camaraderie, into a MASSIVE, Curve inspired, ALL-TERRAIN adventure... Like no other Gravel event you've ridden before!

Starting and finishing here at G!RO, in Esher, this event tackles 96km's of Surrey's finest bridleways and single track, taking you on an adventure like never before in your awesome teams of 4!!! Sign on here at HQ, grab a brevet card and coffee to fuel your adventure and head on out into the wilderness with your team of intrepid mates. Ride as your 4, or link up with other teams out there for even BIGGER #RideWithMates energy - this one isn't about finishing the fastest....

This is all about soaking up the spirit of the adventure, where a triumphant finish line beer and big old celebration will be provided to all, in equal amounts no matter when you finish! We'll be keeping the route a mystery until the event but come armed and prepared to ride 96, savage, off-road, Surrey Hills KM's with plenty of VERT! 

Prizes for those who suss out the spirit of the event, wear the wackiest riding gear and capture the vibe on the day! With the cafe team back at G!RO, putting on a party that will run into the evening for everyone, welcoming back finishers and letting you swap war stories with all the other teams over a beer and some tasty grub! So you best gather the troops, and get your team of 4 entered! Got more than 4 mates keen?! Enter 2 or more teams and ride together with all 8+ of you!!! 

Ride Rules!

- #RideWithMates: stick with your team, look after each other, team up with other teams out there! This is all about riding with good people and having a great day out!

- Respect: be courteous to other trail and bridleway users, look out for walkers, dogs and horses!

- Sign on window: Don't miss the sign on window at G!RO, between 8am and 10am!

- No ticket for your team, no ride! Tickets cover you and up to 3 mates

*This is a gravel/off-road ride, we recommend 38mm+ knobbly tyres to complete, and being potentially wet and muddy Autumn, we'd say the bigger, the better when in comes to choosing. We'd also recommend a bar bag and saddle bag combo or similar with spares, tools, snacks and extra layers; given the challenging nature of the route!





We're very lucky to have some incredible event partners, who've helped us bring this to life and will getting involved on the day!

Of course, first and foremost, Curve Cycling are helping us put on this event - consulting on adventurous spirit, routing, and providing some of our team with the rigs required!

We also have @workshopcoffee and @veloforte looking after the halfway house on this route! Join them at the Workshop Coffee Airstream trailer, take a breather and grab a snap on the vintage couches in front of the trailer (tag us, and workshop on insta), and stock up on Veloforte goodies to power you all the way back to the finish!

Lastly, the legends over at Vedett, are in charge of handing out the party vibes upon you triumphantly crossing the finish line! That's right, the first finish line beer comes courtesy of these guys and HOW GOOD is that crisp, cool, refreshing pilsner going to taste after the adventure you've all just tackled!

Massive shoutout to all these guys getting involved and helping us to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


We welcome any questions from those of you signing up, but check out some of these below before dropping us a line just incase we've already covered it.

What do tickets include?!

Tickets are £50 and covers entry for you and up to 3 mates (team of 4) - so allocate a captain to purchase your teams ticket and we'll send them all correspondence. Emphasis is on fun, adventure, teamwork and camaraderie!

Tickets also include:

- A brevet card for each rider, to collect stamps along the route and cash in some goodies along the way

- Pre-Ride coffee and pastry for your team of 4.

- Mid-Ride lunch, snacks and coffee for your team of 4.

- First triumphant post-ride beer upon finishing!

- A secret, 96km, 1200m, multi-terrain route (sent out the night before)!

We'll contact captains once tickets have been purchased with more details, waiver forms and request for names of all riders.

When and Where do we sign on?

Sign on will be here at G!RO, from 8am to 10am on Saturday 8th October. Here team captains, along with their 3 other team riders will be required to provide booking confirmation, sign waivers (if not already done online) and receive brevet cards and route for the day once signed on. Once you're signed on roll out and enjoy the route at your own pace, knowing we'll be back here putting on a party for your return...

What if more than 4 of us want to ride? 

Enter 2, or even more, teams! Brevet cards for your 4 riders will be issued to team captains at sign on, and will be your way to get the included coffee, snacks, beer etc. So if there's 8 of you, nominate 2 captains and enter 2 teams - you can still ride the route together.

What if I can't find 4 friends brave enough for the adventure?

Drop us a line, there will be other people in the same boat and we can put you in touch! 

Can we have the route yet?!

The route is a closely guarded secret for now, we'll be sending it out to captains, who can distribute to the rest of the team the NIGHT before. Just be prepared, and confident, tackling a hilly, off-road 96km loop!

Can you look after my stuff whilst I ride?

We'll have a secure bag drop on the day, we just ask that you label the bag with your name for maximum efficiency on the day

What if it rains?

Grab your rain jacket and join us! The ride will be going ahead if it rains, and we'll just party even harder for the epic conditions.

Where can we park?

We have a couple of great options nearby for those travelling to us by car that morning, try either Sandown Park (next door) or the Esher Civic Centre (opposite) for good parking options.

Grab a ticket here!

Sign up your team of up to 4 here


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Any Questions

Are you keen to get involved but have a few burning questions having read all the event info?! Get in touch via the form here and we'll endeavour to get back to you ASAP with answers!