Spinathon for The Haemophilia Society

Weʼre raising money to support little superheroes living with Haemophilia

On Saturday 22nd October we are doing a Spinathon for 'Little Bear' Jake Brunning. The aim is to raise awareness of Haemophilia and to raise money for The Haemophilia Society and the paediatric department at the Evelina Children's hospital, St Thomas', London. Both of these are a huge support to families living with Haemophilia. 

My cousin Hannah and her husband Russell have two beautiful children - Lily and Jake. In March 2015 Jake was diagnosed with Severe Haemophilia, a life changing diagnosis, which no parent would ever want to hear. It's a blood clotting disorder causing painful bleeding into joints and muscles, severe bruising and excessive bleeding. A lifelong, potentially life threatening condition. 

It has been incredible seeing Jake tackle this condition with such courage... He is a real superhero!! 

This is an incredible cause close to my heart, and we are so pleased to be a part of this event... The goal is to raise £800 at the Spinathon... But I'm sure we can do much more than that! So please give generously and get behind this great cause:

Thank you