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    Online Reviews:

    Cycling Weekly Meets Swift Carbon

    "Our favourite bike brand Swift Carbon was featured in a recent edition of Cycling Weekly. An opportunity for the guys at the Weekly and their readership to have a first look at the 2013 Swift Carbon Ultravox TI and Neurogen...."

    The article in question makes for a good read. Read full article here....

    Bike Radar - Ultravox RS1 // Review

    "The Ultravox is fast but without making a fuss. It feels settled, smooth and stable. But it really is fast – we beat some long-established best times on two test routes. Swift’s 40mm Trillium wheels deserve some serious credit here: they’re deep enough to give some tangible aero benefit and also very light, so they pick up speed very quickly" 

    Read full article here....

    Bike Radar - Detritovore // First Look 

    "Swift Carbon have developed a great reputation for high-end road and time trial bikes, and have now diversified into the mountain bike arena. They start with the Detritovore, a lightweight, XC race-orientated 29er. The hardtail is made using high-modulus Toray carbon fibres with Mitsubishi Rayon filaments, which Swift believe give their frame a specific and optimal blend of stiffness and comfort. Claimed frame weight for a small size is 1.1kg (2.43lb)...

    Read full article here....

    Bike Radar - Detritovore // Review

    "The reality is the company’s made a frame that readily rewards effort and input with an equal and opposite delivery of smiles and adrenaline. When fitted with a spec to reflect its raw natural ability, the D-Vore is up there with the fantastic S-Works Specialized Stumpjumper and Scott Scale Ltd for comparative company..." 

    Read full article here....

    Bike Radar - Ultravox Ti // First Look

    "Swift set out to make a frame that retained the ride quality, stiffness and handling of their previous Ultravox chassis but in an altogether lighter package. The claimed figures are impressive – a size small frame is said to tip the scales at under 900g. Swift have even dropped paint in favour of a semi-matte clear coat complete with minimal graphics. The result is a finish that holds a weight penalty of just 37g..."

    Read full article here....

    Print Reviews:

    Cyclist - Ultravox Ti // Review

    "On one particular day in Spain, I found myself hauling on the handlebars and zigzagging around the road as I hit a 25% climb. I was glad of the solid pedalling platform that the Ultravox Ti provides, which helped me keep pushing the 39/25 to the top. For me, what struck me most was how stable and precise the bike was when pointing downhill. The Swift gave me the confidence to attack the bends with ever-increasing speed,...."

     Read full article here....

    Cycling Weekly - Swift Carbon Article

    "Started by Mark Blewett, a South African ex-pro, Swift Carbon is based in the Chinese town where the frames are produced. Rather than have prototypes fly back and forth across continents, Blewett can be riding raw prototypes within an hour of moulding, allowing for super-fast lay-up iteration changes. The potential jump this gives him over the competition is huge. Thankfully, the hilly terrain surrounding Xiamen is an ideal testing ground..." 

    Read full article here....

    ProCycling - Neurogen // WishList 

    "The stealthy looking Neurogen is brand new for 2013. It was developed in Computational Fluid Dynamics software with NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) profiles modified with trip edges and Kamm tails to control the airflow while retaining strong tube shapes. Ultra-high modulus Toray T1000 and Mitsubishi MR40 carbon fibres are used to give excellent pedalling rigidity, steering accuracy and low weight; this build with SRAM Red and Mavic CC80s weighs 7.95kg...."

    Read full article here....

    ProCycling - Ultravox Ti // Review

    "The TI positively encourages you to attack corners, responding with linearity, communicating clearly and staying neutral at all lean angles. The light Swift seatpost adds to the ride comfort, making this a race bike ready for the longest sportives. The TI will be sticking around for a while to give us the chance to race it and play with the spec..." 

    Read full article here....

    Cyclist - Ultravox RS-1 // Article

    "In a world of mass-produced carbon frames from far-flung corners of the globe, this hands-on approach is something a bit unique, and one of which Blewett is rightfully proud: ‘It might sound corny, but Swift bikes are an extension of me. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be in this position, but those same sacrifices motivate me. I’m not here to mess around.’ With that kind of attitude you can expect big things from SwiftCarbon in 2013..."

    Read full article here....

    TriRadar - Aeronaut // Review

    "Swift Carbon are a relatively young South African company with ambitious aims to become one of the best boutique brands around. Does the distinctive Aeronaut frame and cockpit put them right on track for the top? THis fast, sure-footed and communicative machine instils rider confidence, despiteincredibly slick speed..."

    Read full article here....