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    Photographer Camille McMillan has followed the Transcontinental, a 4,000km unsupported bikepacking race across Europe, for the last three editions of the genre-defining event. To celebrate his work, and the beauty of the Transcontinental Race, Apidura is supporting Camille in launching his new exhibition, Un-Lost.

    Capturing the race’s journey from one corner of Europe to the other, Un-Lost uses the vast and unfamiliar landscapes of an entire continent to document the rider condition. In an age of SPOT trackers, GPS and Google Maps, there’s something to be said for being lost and finding your way again, and Camille’s exhibition aims to reflect that. To paraphrase the race’s founder, Mike Hall, “If you get lost, you will need to get un-lost.”

    We at G!RO have been lucky enough to be chosen as 1 of 14 worldwide locations to host this remarkable collection of this extraordinary race.  Un-Lost will be launched on December 12th, 2017 (tomorrow), and run for three months until February 15th, 2018.  A selection of framed prints will be made available to view and purchase at G!RO. A full catalogue of the exhibition’s selected works will be available to purchase on the website, un-lost.com.

    Be sure to come check it out! ✌️

    Participating galleries

    Giro – Esher, UK
    Veletage – Vienna, Austria
    Service Course – Girona, Spain
    Peloton de Paris – Mechelen, Belgium
    Urban Bike Wear – Stockholm, Sweden
    Victors Cycle Club – Perth, Australia
    Commuter Cycles – Melbourne, Australia
    Bicicletta – Vancouver, Canada
    NYC Velo – New York City, USA
    Velo6 – Central, Hong Kong
    The Gentle Jaunt – Berlin, Germany
    Grumpy Bike – Hiroshima, Japan
    KM0 – Paris, France
    LAB306 – Seoul, South Korea


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