2019 Summer Development Ride Series

G!RO Cycles


Coming up at G!RO, to coincide with some of the big peak season events we're putting on a series of rides, with our experienced riders, designed to help you grow confidence and develop group riding skills for improving your cycling. Join us for monthly social rides with a focus on developing bunch riding skills. Starting on the 18th May, with one a month until July, these rides will have you ready for the Ride 100 or any other milestone event you may be planning on and ready to join us on our regular Sunday socials!


Here at G!RO we run regular group rides that are designed to give our community the opportunity to ride with like-minded people and enjoy the company of others, whatever the route, occasion or day. A focus of these rides is the social aspect with our Sunday Socials being particularly popular and the birthplace of our #RideWithMates ethos. However, we understand this can be an intimidating place to start, especially for someone with no experience riding in groups.


So we are putting together a series of rides for those keen to join our Sunday Social crew and any of our other rides, but who perhaps would like to gain the skills and knowledge of some of our regular riders in a less full on environment. This will help you develop key skills of riding in a group and improving your ride specific fitness so that you can easily make the step up to the regular rides and bigger groups.


We have an amazing, diverse group of riders within our community and this series of rides will give you the opportunity to absorb all of their knowledge and experience whilst enjoying some local loops, meeting new mates and developing valuable new skills. We will cover everything from group riding etiquette, important hand signals, riding effectively as a bunch, nutrition, as well as some technical cornering, climbing and descending skills. Each ride within the series will focus on a different aspect, with the first being centred around group riding and riding well within a big bunch. From there we will continue on from this basis, building the distance and coaching you through, to help you ride further and faster whilst having the most fun. 


So that’s it, join us and our wonderful community if you’ve been keen to develop and learn these skills, we will help you gain the confidence needed to do our regular rides and get the most out of them and hopefully help you on your way to achieving some of your 2019 goals… Sign up here, all of them, some of them, it's free, whatever fits... And of course most importantly, there is free coffee for all riders on these days!!



- 18th May (40km - Group Riding Etiquette and Skills


- 15th June (40km - Nutrition and Kit Advice


- 13th July (65km - Saving Energy, Technical Skills and Climbing Tips



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