Attaquer | All Day Bib Longs



One of Attaquer's most technical pieces of apparel, All Day Bib Longs offer heavy duty protection for the most extreme winter weather. If you ride in temperatures below 5ºC/41ºF, these will change the way you look at winter riding forever.

Featuring windproof, water-resistant front panels, and a durable fleece-lined fabric that will provide protection and comfort, even when the mercury dips below 0ºC/32ºF.  We've also boosted the weather protection of areas of the bibs most susceptible to road spray and mud to keep you comfortable throughout your ride.

Crafted around an ultra comfortable 2-piece chamois, the All Day Bib Shorts feature durable mesh bib straps and reliable 4-stitch flat lock seams. Every component is designed to deliver you the most comfortable ride you’ve ever enjoyed.

And with the addition of advanced tonal reflective logos, you'll be seen better in absolute style.

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