Chpt./// - OneMoreLap Shorts 1.12


• 240g Forza fabric with 38% Lycra® content for perfect compressive fit.

• Chpt. 3 exclusive Progetto X2 Air chamois featuring the Latymer clause

• Printed mesh bibs with Roubaix velodrome perspective

• Embossed logos

• No sew silicone leg gripper elastic


These shorts are made of the same fabric as the 1.11 Shorts, a 260g/sqm weight with 38% lycra content. In comparison the fabric I used while racing was 190g/sqm with 20% lycra content. What does that difference mean? It means it has a heavier, more luxurious feel to it, with higher rebound/compression and increased longevity.

The quality is noticeable when you touch it; when you wear it the performance advantage is evident. These shorts are made in a multi-panel fashion which is different to the flagship 1.11 shorts which uses a more expensive “bodypaint” construction method that involves high wastage in the manufacturing process. In other words it allows us to create a short that uses the highest quality of fabric but at a slightly lower price point to the 1.11.

This is also the reason we used a bib that is identical to the type of bib used in racing, the only difference being that it has a pattern printed on it in order to give it an internal reveal of colour and pattern in contrast to the subdued exterior, much like a Savile Row suit.



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