Curve Dirt Hoops 650B

Curve Cycling

Dirt Hoops to SHRED

For shredding trails or tearing up gravel, our 650B (27.5") DIRT HOOPS are built tough, so you can party hard and ride harder. Team a set of 650B Dirt Hoops with your Curve GXR to fly down fire roads, or upgrade your MTB for non-stop grins on the trails. With our Dirt Hoops, we've combined excellence from our previous off-road wheels with new technology to bring you wheels that out-perform in the burgeoning worlds of dirt riding and racing.

Mo-Spo Tech

Moulded spoke hole technology allows us to reinforce the spoke hole and nipple bed area yet reduce the bulk of unnecessary material inbetween spoke holes. The result is a light rim, with no compromise on strength.

Chunky Hookless Bead

We’ve increased the impact strength of our hookless rims by widening the Dirt Hoops hookless bead with a chunky 5mm foundation.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless tyres for bicycles have been one of the greatest improvements to overall ride quality and reliability. Setting your Dirt Hoops up tubeless will help reduce pinch flats and punctures, decrease rolling resistance and increase control.

DT Swiss hubs & Sapim CX Ray spokes

Our favourite hub/spoke combination, the DT Swiss 350 Centre Lock Straight Pull hub and Sapim CX-Ray Aero Bladed spoke. It is a fine example of a balance between weight, reliability and performance when paired with Curve rims. This combination has proven itself time and again under the harshest conditions and treatment we can throw at it.

What else?

Dirt Hoops wheelsets arrive tubeless-ready, with tubeless rim tape, valves and centre-lock rotor lockings. Simply install tubeless-ready tyres, sealant and inflate with a tubeless floor pump (In most cases a compressor is unnecessary).Then go ride!

650B / 27.5 WIDE 35
Rim Profile: 27mm x 35mm ext.
Internal Width: 25mm
Rim Weight : 365g
Wheelset Weight : 1430g



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