Digi Camo Socks - Legion Blue

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Legion Blue is one of the newest colors in the Digi Camo Collection. Have you been collecting them all along the way? Don't wait, don't sleep, we like to keep the quantities limited in the making of these so that we can keep doing new colors. 

NOTE: These socks are a few centimeters, longer than the previous iteration. We felt that they were too short the last time around. Plus, we added a breathable mesh pattern on the top of the foot for more air and more stretch - because go stretch! 

Designed in USA - Made in Italy. 

Composition : 80% Meryl Skinlife 20% Lycra 100% Stoke.

Meryl® Skinlife, with inherent silver microparticles, belongs to the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarns. It has permanent antimicrobial properties to reduce unpleasant odors in your garments.

Small » EU - 36 - 39.5 

Medium » EU - 40 - 42.5 

Large » EU - 43 - 45.5 

XL » EU - 46+


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