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G!RO November Sunday Social

Join us Sunday 7th November for our monthly Sunday social, where we'll be tackling Henley or Windsor loops! All groups will be leaving the cafe around 8:30am, meet at G!RO 8:00am for Brews and Breakfast before rolling out!

Seat Tube

The Bastion seat tube is manafactured in Australia using the signature and striking, Bastion Carbon Weave. Created using Filament Wound High Modulus Carbon Fibre. This is carbon fibre at it's finest.


The seat post topper is a 3D printed, from Ti6Al4V Grade 5 Titanium manufactured, using Laser Bed Powder Fusion. This makes for a futuristic finish atop the seat post using cutting edge technology.


Aerospace Grade - 2 Part Epoxy developed for bonding metals to carbon fibre composites. Developed for high-temp. environments and chemical resistance.

Where is the Belgie AIR made?

The main titanium structure is a custom made to order and manufactured by Curve in the P.R.C, with Bastion completing the final assembly, bonding and QC in Melbourne, Australia.

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