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G!RO November Sunday Social

Join us Sunday 7th November for our monthly Sunday social, where we'll be tackling Henley or Windsor loops! All groups will be leaving the cafe around 8:30am, meet at G!RO 8:00am for Brews and Breakfast before rolling out!

Roubaix Ride 2022

It was only a few months ago we ran our 2021 Roubaix Ride, heading out for a loop and returning for a beer and to catch all the racing action in Autumn. Roubaix is back in it's rightful Spring slot (April 17th), and we'll be celebrating again of course with another great dedicated Roubaix day here at G!RO.


The #RideWithMates crew are getting back together in April! We've got various lead groups heading out on various different routes and at different paces, all with the plan to return in plenty of time to catch the Roubaix racing action! Sign up for whichever group you feel confident joining! Meeting at 8am, we'll roll out at 8:30am!

Racing Action!

We'll of course be heading back for a refreshing Roubaix themed beer and to catch all the racing action in one of our favourite monuments, and one of the highlights of the world tour calendar!! We'll be soaking up the awesome atmosphere here at G!RO, and cheering on all our favourites!

Sign Ups..

It's easy and free to sign up, and very important you get signed up if you're keen to join us... This way we can ensure all the groups run smoothly, email you the route ahead of time and everyone can have a classic #RideWithMates Sunday! So check those diaries and get involved!

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