June 2022 G!RO Development Ride - Free Sign Up


Welcome to our 2022 development ride series! Kicking off in May we'll be doing these monthly, and they'll feature a weekend group rides aimed at teaching all of you out there interested, the skills necessary to feel more confident riding in groups. These will be followed by an evening Roadside Repairs course the same week, aimed at equipping you with the basic mechanical skills to get yourself safely home should you run into issues.

They're a perfect sessions for those of you new to cycling, or riding in groups in particular, and with the help of our expert ride leaders will leave you feeling confident to join our group rides, or other group rides, as well as gaining a ton of new skills that will come in handy on a regular basis when riding. 

The rides will be running in groups of 6 with our experienced ride leaders accompanying all riders who sign up, with wisdom, advice and a lovely Surrey Hills route! This means there will be limited slots available so don't miss out - just place an order to book your slot, it's FREE and easy!

The dates for the sessions are as below, so just add to your cart, fill out the details and join us! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on rides@girocycles.com.. And we'll be in touch with everyone who's signed up the week before the ride!


Ride: 11th June, 7:30am meet for briefing, 8am depart

Repair Workshop: 15th June, 6pm to start 6:30pm

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