Lumo | Herne Hill Harrington Jacket


Designed for the Eye, Built for the Bike

LUMO take design inspiration from classic British outer-garments and bags and integrate wearable technology with cycling firmly in mind. The launch range, The London Collective, features jackets and bags with LUMO Glow LED lights that increase your visibility to traffic, yet are completely concealed until switched on. Using fabrics that wouldn’t look out of place in a designed clothes store yet come straight from a science lab, you will look and feel as good riding a bike as you will walking into a bar.

The Herne Hill Harrington

Named after the Herne Hill Velodrome, the only remaining venue still in use from the 1948 Olympic Games and one of the oldest tracks in the world. Herne Hill was also formerly home to one of our favourite London pubs - the Half Moon - which has sadly been closed since the huge floods of 2013.

The jacket itself is a contemporary twist on the iconic British Harrington style, crafted from a Gabardine cotton twill with signature LUMO polka detailing. Sleekly cut and available in both mens and womens specific fits, it is designed to be worn over regular clothing in temperatures ranging from 5-20°C (41-68°F).



Type: Cycling Clothing