Pongo | Staples Collection | White Celeste


Celeste is more than a colour, it’s an expression of passion and true grit. If we were to whisper the words Marco Pantini (arguably one of the worlds greatest climbers) it’s likely that the words Bianchi would follow. Such brand association is rare these days. Especially to the extent that a brand such as Bianchi can be so closely associated with a single colour. Celeste is both iconic and beautiful. We wanted to pay tribute by custom dying some of our finest yarns to bring you more of our favourites. The climbers choice. 


  • 6 inch cuff
  • Technical upper mesh
  • Anti twist band on foot
  •  Superior needle count for quality and durability
  • Dotty Pattern
  • Hand selected & dyed yarns
  • Designed in London, made in Italy
  • 18c+


Type: Socks