Triple Double Sock White - Blue Splash

The Athletic Community


You messed around and got a what? This is an update to our Sport Sock and our initial thoughts are that we love it. We love it like our pal Rusty over in Oklahoma throwing down a triple-double every night. What's a triple-double? Well, it's a basketball term for sure, but you're going to love these socks in whichever sport you choose. Secretly, it is also because there are ones with three stripes and a few with two, get it? Triple double. 

Just so you know... these have extra padding in the toe and heel and arch support. We didn't know that combination was controversial until we tried to do them both at the same time AND with Coolmax threads. Trust us when we say it's a winning combination. 

Designed in USA - Made in Portugal. 

Composition : 62% Coolmax 29% Polymide 6% Cotton 3% Elastane 100% Stoke.

Small »  EU - 36 - 39.5 
Medium »  EU - 40 - 42.5 
Large » EU - 43 - 45.5 
XL »  EU - 46+


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