Wend Wax On - Spectrum 2.5oz Twist Stick

Jam Cycling


WEND Wax‐On is the first ever “rub‐on”, wax based, chain lubricant. Wax‐On not only keeps your chain clean, its friction reducing additives make for an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train. Wax‐On is quiet, quick, and clean. It is no secret that the most efficient chain lubrication method to date is immersing a chain into a vat of molten paraffin. However, this method is time consuming, temporary, and dangerous.


WEND Waxworks set out to create a lube that would perform equal to or better than hot waxing and that would be easy to apply. After two years of development, the R&D at WEND has come up with Wax‐On. Wax‐On is a sophisticated paraffin based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants such as Zinc and Teflon.


Overall user satisfaction is high due to the ease of use, product cleanliness, and lubrication performance.


We recommend purchasing the Wend Wax-Off Chain Cleaner 120ml to clean your chain and casette before applying the wax. The two products then work together as a lubricant.



WEND COLOURS are to be used in conjunction with a WEND Wax-Off cleaned drivetrain that is free of dirt and oils.


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