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There's a load of reasons why the AeroPress is one of our favourite brewers:

  • Consistent results: As with any method where coffee grounds steep in hot water its almost effortless to get an even extraction.
  • Clean: Filter papers remove any potential sediment from the cup that a metal mesh filter would allow through.
  • Round:The pressure from the plunging action creates a cup with more texture and a rounder mouthfeel than dripper methods.
  • Easy: You can make brewing with the AeroPress as easy or as hard as you like.
  • Travel-Friendly: Allowing a Rhinowares Grinder to fit snugly inside, the AeroPress is the perfect travel companion to brew delicious coffee on the road.

Contains 350 filter papers, a stirrer, funnel and a scoop.

To find out how to get a tasty cup using the AeroPress, take a look at our Brewing Guide.


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