Skin Grows Back - Plan B Micron Saddle Bag



Here at G!RO we love to share the finest products we have the pleasure of discovering and using. Skin Grows Back have been on our radar a little while now, and we are finally able to unleash them to you guys. We will be showcasing a selective and stunning retail collection both instore and online, so you guys, the G!RO community, can get your hands on these extremely functional, and incredibly striking bike riding accessories. We’ve been testing a few of these product for a little while now and they’re hands down the finest riding accessories we have come across. This exclusive UK and European retail partnership means if you’ve wanted to get your hands on some Skin Grows Back “Tech Chic” here in the UK and Europe, you now can, quicker and easier than ever before.

: Dimensions 100mm x 80mm x 55mm.

: Volume 0.4 litres.

: Weight 80g

The Plan B Micron is a scaled down version of the Plan B. This discreet unit mounts under the saddle and around the rails using a 25mm strap with a clever magnetic hook to secure it. The PU coated zip and 1000D nylon construction makes the Plan B Micron water resistant, the 300D liner backs this up. There are 2 HD elastic loops inside for stowing a multi tool and a CO2 canister leaving just enough room for a spare road tube and tyre levers. The Plan B Micron carries bare minimum spares, you could probably squeeze your front door key in there too.

If this brand has caught your eye, and you want to catch up with all the latest products and information, give them a follow: skingrowsback on Instagram.

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