Rhino Coffee Brewing Scale & Timer

Espresso Warehouse


Ever been brewing and can't read the display? We fixed that problem with this brew scale. The display is extended out so whether your brewing a Kinto or Hario V60 you can read the weight and time on the scale.

With its increased 3kg capacity and 0.1g accuracy, the Rhino Brew Scale will ensure delicious coffee every time. 

We've added Auto-Off to save battery power. Has Overload protection in case of accidents. You can Tare and Calibrate the scale as well.

The Timer display allows you to time your brews according to your recipe.

Nice big brewing platform of 126mm x 126mm. Bigger than the previous model.

Has silicone pad to stop heat transfer to scale causing inaccurate readings and save scale from spillages.

Bright white backlit display

We include 2 AAA batteries too.

Please note: When using the Timer function, if any weight is removed from the weighing platform, the Timer will pause. Take care not to bump, adjust, or remove the brewing vessel once the Timer has started. We also recommend not stirring the coffee bed as this will trigger the Timer to pause. 


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