About G!RO

The vision and idea for GiRO came about from its founders Jordan Addison and Neil Goodman, whilst out on one of their regular rides though Surrey. Having got involved in the road cycling scene 4 years prior, Jordan realised what opportunity there was for such an exclusive and innovative cycle shop in Surrey. Given the recent surge in cycling popularity boosted by British success at the Tour de France and Olympic Games, the roads in surrey were becoming more and more saturated with keen weekend riders, most of whom converge on Esher High Street as a meeting point. With no cycle shop in Esher, the vision for GiRO was conceived for an exclusive shop / cafe that serves the thousands of cyclists that pass though Esher each week. 
Cycling has been a central part of Neil Goodman's life since his youth. From racing road bikes at a young age, to working in cycling retail, Neil is now the owner and founder of c3 Products, a distribution company for exclusive cycle brands such as the Italian clothing giant Sportful. Meeting Jordan during training for the Blenheim triathlon, the two would spend many hours out riding the surrey roads.  After sharing the idea for GiRO with Neil, the two decided to set up GiRO with a view to bring exclusive brands to the UK market, as well as support and encourage the growing cycling community in Surrey.
At the heart of GiRO is a commitment to healthy lifestyle and community that uses cycling as a vessel to see its vision fulfilled.
EXCLUSIVE in its design, layout, and products // INCLUSIVE in its attitude towards local community and anyone wanting to discover more about the culture and lifestyle of cycling // GiRO is a place to meet, a place to be inspired, a place to be welcomed into and enjoy the experience of our cafe.