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To celebrate his new book, James will be hosting an evening here at G!RO, Thursday December 1st. Creator of some truly iconic imagery, James has followed the famous Transcontinental Ultra endurance race for many years now, capturing the unique characters, beautiful route, and many quirks of ultra racing; some of his images featuring our very own Matt Falconer, G!RO ultra veteran. He's now put together a stunning collection of these images in his NEW book, which also features the words of Josh Cunningham, a writer and fellow veteran of the Transcontinental race. James will be joining us here at G!RO to show us the new book, and talk us through some of his incredible stories behind the photos, from his years of following the race. It's bound to be fascinating and we cannot wait for this one, and we urge all of you out there interested in photography, ultra endurance racing and the Transcontinental race to join us! Tickets are FREE, just pop in your details via the button below!

The G!RO team will be on hand with a variety of goodies from behind the bar, including coffee, cake, nibbles, local craft beer, wine and cocktails and we'll be staying open after the event, so why not stick around for a drink!


It’s a Race Imagery of the Transcontinental Race

James' new photo book documents the Transcontinental Race, a non-stop cycling race across Europe. Including a series of written contributions from participating riders, the book is an exploration - and celebration - of a truly unique sporting event. He'll have copies of this book with him on the evening to browse and purchase.

The Transcontinental Race is a non-stop bicycle race across Europe. The route – often over
4,000km in length – strings together a series of spectacular mountaintop control points, which participants must navigate between without any outside assistance. With minimal rules and a spirit of self-reliance at its heart, the event harks back to the early days of the Tour de France, contested by everyday people with regular jobs, racing through day and night for two weeks to get to the finish.

It's a Race provides a glimpse of this unique sporting event up close. Combining dramatic landscapes, intimate portraits and emotive reportage, James Robertson’s photography is sampled from his five consecutive years following the race, often from start to finish (2015-
2019). The images are accompanied by a series of written pieces, which offer perspectives on a range of themes and experiences from previous participants, as well as from the photographer.

Combining the journey of the riders as they make their way across the continent, with the journey of the artist as the body of work develops, and the maturation of the event itself, the book is divided into three parts: Beginnings, Middles and New Beginnings. Following the adventure over the high passes of the Alps, across the great plains of Central Europe, and between the dramatic river gorges of the Balkan peninsula, the narrative traces the contours of a continent alongside the personal, sometimes life-changing experiences of its participants and documentarians.

It's a Race provides a unique contribution to contemporary sports photography, and will be an essential source of inspiration for photographers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Making a great gift, or coffee table book for all the cycling and adventure lovers like us, out there!

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