G!RO has had close ties with Australia for many years, the devastation being caused by these Bushfires across much of Australia is truly heartbreaking. Its so hard to simply to stand back and watch, feeling helpless from the other side of the world. 

However this Sunday, we are using our Sunday Shop Ride as a means to raise money to donate to those who need it most battling these fires. Please join us to make a difference.

This year, bushfires fires have burned in pretty much every state and territory in Australia, however the bulk of the catastrophic blazes have been concentrated in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Nineteen people have been confirmed dead, 15 from NSW, two from Victoria and two from South Australia. Three volunteer firefighters have died in the line of duty in New South Wales after the trucks they were in rolled over.

In addition to those lives lost, the bushfires have absolutely decimated wildlife habitats across the country. Ecologists from the University of Sydney predict around 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have died. Nearly half a billion. 

The scale of the blazes are now 1.5 times the size of Belgium. 

The stats are terrifying, and it feels that we can do so little. But we can do something at least. So please join us on Sunday Jan 12th at 8:30am for a ride where we will be collecting donations for a couple of charities to help those who need it most. The list of Appeals are below. If you cannot make the ride, please donate using the links below. 

Thank you, hope to see you there on Sunday.



Chosen Appeals: