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COVID UPDATE | Feb 22nd 2021

Under the current National Covid Guidelines, G!RO is now back open - on a strict takeaway only basis.

We’re excited to announce we are back, doing what we do best, daily from 8am - 3pm. We will be serving up a slightly reduced menu, featuring just the G!RO favourites; the finest Workshop Coffee brews, delicious cakes from our local bakers, freshly baked pastries and homemade sandwiches for you to grab and enjoy on the go! Our small way of helping you all navigate these tumultuous times…

Whilst we are very pleased to bring you this news, we are also keen to stress the importance of having your cooperation and support in doing this, so that us reopening, can be a purely positive force for you guys, our wonderful community! So as Jordan explains in the above video, we ask of you all the following:

- All customers bring and wear a mask & adhere to social distancing rules and remain 2m away from others at all times

- Use the hand sanitizer provided and refrain from gathering out the front of the shop ,unless queuing to order or waiting for your takeaway.

- We have clear instructions both in and outside the cafe regarding the rules and ask that you follow these rules when visiting us, as well as respecting the staff who will be actively managing this on a daily basis, to ensure the safety of both themselves and everyone who visits.

-Once you have your coffee and treats, we ask that you move along and allow the next customers to queue and wait for their items safely, and remind you not to block the pavements.

- As the weather is improving, and we are seeing more of you stopping by the cafe, we have brought on extra members of staff to ensure that your orders are being dealt with as quickly as possible, and also to remind you not to block the pathways and to move on once you have your order. Please understand this is for your safety and the safety of other customers and passers-by.

We are excited to be back open, to see your (masked) faces and to serve you up the finest takeaways in the land and hope that our reopening is a little lockdown morale boost for many of you out there! We encourage you to be vigilant to your own safety and the safety of others around you, as we all navigate this unprecedented situation and follow all the guidelines in place for the benefit of everyone. See you on Monday.

G!RO x






G!RO KeepCups are HERE!!!
G!RO KeepCups are HERE!!!

June 03, 2019

G!RO KeepCups are HERE!!! Join the reusable revolution!

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November 23, 2018

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Proudly Announcing – Workshop Coffee at G!RO

August 31, 2018

We are so stoked to formally announce that our coffee will now be supplied by the amazing guys down at Workshop Coffee, based in Bethnal Green, London. We are super excited to be working with Workshop, not only because of the quality of coffee that they produce but the shared idea and the support they will give us to bring you the best coffee possible! If that wasn’t enough, we will be the only place you can come and enjoy Workshop Coffee in Surrey, that’s right, we’re EXCLUSIVE BABY!! In all seriousness, we are really excited to see this new relationship blossom to take us to the next level and have no doubt you will love the end results.

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