What a year 2020 has been! Thank you to all of our customers over the past few weeks who have supported us and stopped through or our Takeaway set up. Its been great to see so many familiar faces again! 

... and now its time for the next phase of reopening!

As many of you will know, this week the government has laid out its initial guidelines to allow Coffee Shops, Pubs & Restaurants to reopen in some capacity.  Taking all of the available information into consideration, we have in turn begun to plan our stages of reopening. It is important to stress that at the centre of any plans is the health and safety of you our customers and your loved ones, and that our staff. 

So here it is, G!RO is reopening as follows:

- From July 6th, G!RO will be back open 7 days a week!

- New Opening Hours of 7.30am - 3pm

Whilst we are really excited to be opening again in some capacity, it is important to reiterate that Social Distancing is still in force, and we will be supporting this fully. There will be clear instructions for service & queueing, and we ask for your patience and cooperation with these new measures. Its really important that these social distancing measures are adhered to & and ask again for your support and understanding here.  Don't Spoil It For The Rest.

This is certainly a new way of doing things, but with your support we know it will be a great new season here at G!RO!

Once again, we are incredibly excited to be opening our doors and seeing our customers once again!  

Many Thanks, Jordan & the G!RO Crew x




Our website & shipping is still fully functional. As well as coffee beans, be sure to have a browse at some of our favourite G!RO Kit & Goodies from our partners such as CurveAttaquer & Skin Grows Back. Shipping directly to your door.


The all new G!RO Workshop is fully operational now for all your bike's needs. Collection and delivery services are available. Check it out here, and get your steed booked in:


The G!RO Team



June 22, 2020

We’ve been seeing a big increase in the number of new cyclists out and about since the lockdown, which is absolutely fantastic. Here at G!RO, we believe the power of the bike to enable many things - a sustainable mode of transport, a freedom machine to let you see new places, through to the fast and furious sport of bike racing. 

We teamed up with our good mate Francis Cade to create a video to highlight our Top 7 Tips for New Riders On The Road!

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Downrock Diaries - PART 1
Downrock Diaries - PART 1

June 15, 2020

The Curve Downrock honourably lives up to the press Curve give it on their website, not that I’ve seen a frill neck lizard fanging around on hot sand before, but riding this beast has given me fairly clear picture of exactly what this looks like. Look out for me on the dusty hillside of Ranmore this summer, and you’ll never need to watch a nature documentary about a frill neck lizard again.

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Diaries from the Virtual Road Part 2 - G!RO is Still Here, Zwifting Away
Diaries from the Virtual Road Part 2 - G!RO is Still Here, Zwifting Away

April 27, 2020

As hopefully some of you will have seen in part 1, we’ve been doing regular Zwift meet-ups for you guys, the G!RO community. A great way to ride socially, with mates without disregarding the incredibly important lockdown measures we are still living under here in the UK. It goes without saying, this offers an incredible tool to ride responsibly and protect the NHS as they admirably negotiate this difficult time. We have been championing the need to ride responsibly since day 1 of the lockdown here in the UK, and our Zwift rides are one of the many ways we are doing this, hopefully boosting morale and helping everyone keep pedalling despite the ongoing situation.

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