We have answered a bunch of frequently asked questions here for your piece of mind. Any questions outside of this please don't hesitate to drop us an email. We will get back to you.

  • Q - Where do Curve get their products? 
  • A - Curve collaborate on every product we bring to market. We utilise the skills, experience and facilities of our valuable ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partners to help bring our vision to reality. Our partners have manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan, Germany and Australia.
  • Q - Why would I buy your products over other brands? 
  • A - At the end of the day you the consumer decide what you spend your money on. All we can do is present to you an affordable alternative to our competitors. Each Curve Cycling product is very thoughtfully released and serves a specific purpose within several price-points. We believe the playing field for such products is becoming very level, as the manufacturing process and materials used is more or less the same no matter what brand or country of origin.
  • Q - How do Curve products compare to industry leaders such as ENVE?
    We get this question a lot, and it's a valid one indeed. Enve components are often the benchmark when it comes to carbon products, but does that price tag give you more enjoyment on your bike? We like Enve products, and respect their position in the marketplace, but so many people who have experienced our wheels make a positive comparison to other high-end brands such as Enve and Zipp. 
  • Q - If I found what appears to be the same or similar item cheaper from China why would I buy from Curve
  • A - What appears to be the same is not always what it seems. You can certainly take the risk in buying direct yourself.   At Curve we have very high standards, so the product you will receive will be exactly what you ordered and if  a warranty case were to arise, it will be as swift and painless as possible. By buying from Curve you also enjoy the fact that you are buying local and supporting a local brand. Although we manufacture overseas we are very much an international brand and believe in "Act Local, Influence Global".