Celebrate all things Curve with us June 18th!


Join us Saturday 18th June, here at G!RO HQ, for a day dedicated to the makers of our favourite bikes, and purveyors of the greatest adventures - Curve Cycling! Throughout the day we'll have the full range of stock on display, our in-house experts on hand to chat and some very special guests joining us... Later in the day, Curve Fest will hit the road too, as we take the celebrations mobile and have fun in the sun with an open to all off-road ride..! So come on down and celebrate with us, whether you're a Curve owner, interested in a Curve of your own, a fan of the brand and their story or just like lusting over shiny bikes - all welcome, the more the merrier!


We've worked with Curve for a number of years now, and they make incredible steel and Ti bikes, ours and many of your favourite bikes in fact! As a brand, they engineer some of the worlds finest ultra endurance machines - their designs are steeped in ultra endurance knowledge and heritage, built for a community fuelled by sharing adventures and with a mission to push the boundaries of what is possible in the ultra endurance space.. We love what they're about and the bikes that are a product of their passion! Join us as we celebrate Curve Cycling!

Meet The Crew

Our team of riders and Curve experts will be hanging out here at G!RO HQ - along with some special guests from Curve Cycling flown in from Melbourne - having coffee, drinking beers, hanging out and chatting bikes throughout the day and celebrating these awesome machines that have brought us all together - and you're all invited to join, come down and have a drink, have a chinwag and find out more about Curve Cycling.

Meet The Bikes

We'll have all the Curve range of bikes out on display, with plenty of information about which of the Curve range will suit you and your riding style. See these beautiful bikes in the flesh, touch them and maybe even ride them (with G!RO's demo fleet - contact us to book a demo!)... We'll also have all the latest information regarding all our current stock levels and availability incase one of the bikes steals your heart!

Chat With Our Experts

Our in-house Curve experts are the perfect brains to pick if you're interested in one of these beautiful bikes. Come on down for the day, sit down for a brew with the crew and learn all about Curve as a brand, their range of bikes and how a Curve might fit into your life. We can discuss everything from sizing and availability, through to spec and how you can buy one! And just maybe, Curve fest will be the....

Start of Your #NewBikeDay Adventure!

If you pop down and see us, celebrate with us, who knows where it may lead. Come and meet the team, plenty of our local Curve community and some of the crew behind this awesome brand - and maybe you'll be featured in one of our #NewBikeDay posts soon!!


Keep in the Curve LOOP

Leave us your details and we'll keep you in the loop with plans, and send you updates regarding Curve fest ahead of Saturday 18th June!


October 28, 2022

G!RO's very own Jordan & Danny (aka Jonty & Hansie) recently joined the Curve crew for a bike packing expedition through the western Cape of South Africa as part of the inaugural Rhino Run. We hope you enjoy this blog looking back at an unforgettable week.

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Franco's Year In Ti
Franco's Year In Ti

March 05, 2021

Star of our recent video, friend of G!RO and Curve convert Franco gives us the rundown on his year with the Belgie, Curve's fun and fast, Road Centric Frameset. A bike designed by our mates at Curve to race, ride and fear nothing. Grab a brew and let Franco transport you through his experiences of the last year riding his Curve - and be sure to catch the video if you haven't already, where we join Franco for a dawn raid of London, catch the city stillness and stunning sunrise recently. For those of you keen to learn more about the bikes, for reference, Franco rides the complete spec SRAM Force Belgie Disc V3 with Red Powermeter upgrade and Curve's own G4T wheels! Enjoy!

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DownRock Diaries - Part 2
DownRock Diaries - Part 2

February 11, 2021

Here at G!RO we continue to share our ways of beating the global pandemic and keeping morale high! Jamie tells us how his year sampling a new style of riding on his Downrock has been a godsend in this unprecedented year!

Wow! It’s been nearly a year since that giant box, containing my new favourite bike arrived! It was March 2020, things were starting to head south globally and the UK was a few short days away from Lockdown 1.0, but spirits were high as me and head mechanic Danny tore into the box containing all the parts, and the beautiful Downrock frame Curve had just shipped us. Days were getting longer, weather was getting warmer, riding was getting easier and ignoring the global pandemic things were looking up… Except, how can you ignore a global pandemic... That’s right, you can’t!!! 

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