Fit FIRST. You absolutely must be fitted BEFORE you purchase a bike. Going about it in this way will give us the best possible understanding of your positional limitations and needs, thus allowing us to make the best recommendations for you. This includes specifying bike size, optimum handlebar width, crank length and stem length. 
We have partnered with Bicycle in Richmond to offer a comprehensive & brand agnostic bike fitting. We simply want one thing for you - to be able to enjoy your cycling without the nagging issues so many of us put up with on a daily basis, to climb a little bit faster, to corner more smoothly and to ride injury free for years to come. 
Not all bike fit is created equal. Our bike fitting protocol is truly tailored to the individual rather than adhering to rule of thumb or being led by a motion capture algorithm.
Bike fitting historically has been carried out on a riders bike, the problem with this is it assumes the bike is right in the first place and there is a huge limitation on adjustability - you are bound by the parameters of the bicycle.
We fit you on a jig which mimics your bike’s position but is adjustable dynamically (while you’re riding). This is important as it enables us to give you an intimate understanding of what position interventions influence. 
Please use the form below to book your fit! Enjoy.