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    We are looking for a full-time cafe supervisor to become a core and integral part of the G!RO team. A sociable, hard-working individual who will add value to our team. Working in a management role, you will have a huge influence in the running and development of the business. The ability to work seamlessly as a team in a high intensity environment combined with leadership skills is a must.


    At least 2 years experience within the hospitality or retail sector is preferred.

    Exemplary standards and a passion for coffee and food are also preferred. Experience with a La Marzocco Espresso Machines is ideal and an interest in artisan coffee and its origins are important.

    A passion for home made, whole food and nutrition. Knowledge of food hygiene, health and safety.

    Interest in all aspects of cycling and pro-peloton is important. Potential opportunities to get involved with group rides, as well as having an understanding of cycling apparel and kit. 

    A creative personality and a vision for developing the G!RO brand. An interest in social media and the relevant skillset to utilise social media to the businesses advantage.

    A sharing of the G!RO vision to build upon our community hub and create a lifestyle brand to share with our customers. Taking ownership of the role, knowing that you will be playing a vital part in the development and growth of the business.

    40 hours a week including working over weekends.

    Please send your details and CV to jordan@girocycles.com