G!RO Zwift Rides

Here is our definitive guide to the Zwift meetup feature, so you can join us as we roll out some alternatives to our shop rides during this ongoing situation.

The safest and most responsible way to ride at the moment, given the ongoing situation, would be on Zwift. It allows you to keep fit and healthy both mentally and physically whilst also avoiding unecessary trips outside. And whilst we recognise riding outside, SOLO, is still ok according to government guidelines - we're keen to help as many of you as possible, virtually #RideWithMates. These will all be social pace, with the 'no drop' feature switched on, whereby everyone can pedal along at their own pace without fear of being dropped - all our Zwift meetups will follow this, please join us and use the vast expanse of Zwift racing available another day when you feel you need a bit of a smashfest.



Joining one of our Zwift meetups is the responsible answer to riding with mates in this current global situation, and we know it's not quite the same but will likely be the norm for a considerable amount of time. We're keen to supplement as many of our weekly shop rides as possible with Zwift meetups, so if you're a zwifter and keen for some company, moral support and camaraderie as we all slog away on the trainers for the foreseeable future, then follow our quick and simple guide to get involved!


Step one

Follow our ride leaders currently if you want to join us, our rides are being looked after by "Jamie O | G!RO" and "Tom Coles | G!RO", we've included a little screenshot of their profiles below to assist you in finding them.

Step two

Add "G!RO" to your user name, this way our ride leaders can quickly identify who they need follow back and then invite to the meetup from their list of followers. Once you have done this, look out for the invite on your app.

Step three

Accept the invite from either Jamie or Tom, depending on who is leading the particular meetup and ensure you are online and ready ahead of time - as unfortunately if you miss the start you can't join in halfway through. To ensure you don't miss the start, make sure you are already riding on one of the Zwift maps at least 5 mins before the start and look out for the blue button in the bottom left to join. A notification will appear a few minutes before the ride start, just hit 'JOIN' and you'll be on the meetup!

Step four

Pedal that trainer and make sure you're pedalling before the countdown to the start hits zero so you don't get left behind. Enjoy the virtual company of our G!RO group rides. It's by no means our first choice of bunch riding, but given the circumstances it's the only way! 


Join us for good vibes and some 10/10 cardio as we all work from home, social distance and make the world a safer place when it's needed the most!

The Zwift meetup system requires we invite you to the ride, once you follow our leaders and they follow you back, expect invites for all upcoming rides and pick the ones you can make it to! Look out for who is leading each one and ensure you follow the right person to get invited.