G!RO 10 Years Collection


The G!RO tenth anniversary kit design was an amazing and very unique commission. The café has from the outset been a true community hub, and a place that not only takes itself seriously but also has an enormous sense of fun. I presented a few different designs for the kit, but this one stood out as the one that best celebrated that ethos. Inspired by the pop art work of Roy Litchenstein and my favourite road racing team strip of all time, Z Vêtements Peugeot, there is a minimalist and simple approach to the front, with the explosion of a portafiller on the rear clearly having fun with the banging coffee that G!RO serve. There are other little touches across the kit that all reference back to the café, so I hope that people look at it and try to figure them out. Obviously it wouldn’t be a RoadArt piece of work without some dots as well!