Pilates for Cyclists

G!RO are pleased to announce Pilates for Cyclists classes are now running in Esher in partnership with Pilates Esher.

Pilates is becoming widely seen as an effective form of exercise for cyclists to help strengthen core muscles and improve hip flexibility. 

The benefits of Pilates are wide ranging. Stronger core muscles will help to stabilise you on the bike, especially as you tire, while an improved spinal position will help you to transfer power more efficiently and increase power output. Improved limb alignment and more stable joints will decrease knee and ankle injuries and greater flexibility and better posture which will address postural and muscle tightness and imbalances which cycling can bring. Improved balance will help with bike handling, and the resistance training included in Pilates will increase muscle strength without adding bulk and therefore improving power to weight ratio.

All abilities welcome.

Classes take place at Pilates Esher, just down the road from G!RO on Tuesday evenings at 6pm and 7:15pm. Please visit www.pilatesesher.com/timetable to sign up for a class. Your first class is £10!

For more information please email Hannah at hannah@pilatesesher.com or visit www.pilatesesher.com