Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs - Photography Book


by Photographer, Michael Blann

Many of you will be familiar with Michael's work, as much of it has populated the walls of G!RO for the past few years. Michael is a good friend of G!RO, and we are so excited to make the latest update of his acclaimed book Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs available for purchase.

An expanded edition of the popular landscape and photography book, celebrating the most majestic mountains and historic cycling climbs for enthusiasts and participants around the world

About the Author

Michael Blann grew up on the South Coast of England and started cycling in his teens after being inspired by the early coverage of the Tour de France. He soon fell into cycle racing and eventually spent a year on a team in Australia in 1991 before heading back to England to take up an Art Degree. After graduating University (Kingston) he worked in a design agency for 5 years before pursuing a career as a freelance photographer. Shortly after making this step he was offered a full-time position as a photographer at Getty Images working alongside their creative team. For 6 years he worked and travelled before the urge for autonomy won out and Michael left to pursue a career in advertising photography. He now shoots for many large brands and corporations and lives with his family in Surrey.

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