Walmer Bars


The ultimate, super wide, adventure focussed handlebar for your gravel bike! Available in four widths: 46, 50, 55 and 60cm wide at the hoods or 61, 65, 70 or 75cm at the drops.


the future is wide!

Walmer Bars are designed to service the rigours and demands of rugged gravel and off-road bikepacking. No handlebar on the market was the right width or shape, so we decided to create our own.

designed in melbourne

Bikepacking Heaven

Originally intended to complement the new GMX+ bikepacking platform, Walmer Bars also work with any off-road drop bar bike. Walmer Bars bring the stability and control of MTB bars combined with the multiple hand positions of drop bars. The extra width also offers more storage space for bar mounted bags, lights, navigation etc.

 Why Wide Drop Bars?

The ability to change hand position regularly prevents pressure and tension build up, and helps minimise numbness and blisters. A wider handlebar also offers more stability and control, particularly when descending sketchy terrain on a loaded bike. A wider bar also gives added leverage when tackling technical climbs.

 What’s with the Name?

Breath in! Named after a narrow pedestrian/cycle bridge on the Yarra River in Melbourne. There's little room for anything else if Walmer Bars are crossing.

Please note that we are expecting stock here in the UK from Mid Jan 2020

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