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April 20, 2018

Our philosophy at Rawvelo is to concentrate on the nutritional benefits of what we make as much as the functional benefits – it’s about simple, natural wholefoods - no refined sugars, nothing made in a lab and no ingredient you wouldn’t recognise the name of.  Just the highest quality organic ingredients combined in a balanced way to make the cleanest, most nutritious and best tasting products we can.

We don’t make spurious claims about how our products can improve your performance based on flawed pseudo-science, we won’t add the latest superfood supplement to our products just for the sake of it, and we will definitely never compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use.  What we do guarantee though is that by taking a natural and holistic approach to your nutrition you will be a healthier athlete in the long-term, and the benefits of that are enormous - you will feel more energised, recover faster, and heal more quickly from injury.

Our Story

As individual athletes, we’ve always taken the food that we eat pretty seriously.  We’ve always aimed to have a balanced healthy diet and wanted to make sure that our food was as healthy and natural as possible – the odd cake or gelato aside!  It just seemed obvious that eating high-quality nutritious foods whenever possible was the best thing to do to stay as healthy as possible. We struggled to find sports nutrition products that met our needs for when we were training or racing.  What was available was loaded with chemicals and refined sugars, cheap ingredients that claimed to ‘deliver’ energy fast with seemingly no thought given to how damaging this could be to your long-term health. They also just didn’t taste great and were often hard to eat or digest, leaving us feeling sick and bloated. So, we resorted to doing things the ‘old fashioned’ way, the way that cyclists of a bygone era had done, eating dried fruits, nuts, bananas –  simple real food.  We soon found that by consuming the right balance of natural wholefoods we were still able to perform just as well as when using chemically enhanced products but felt healthier in general and recovered much faster.

Rawvelo was born from this need, this desire to be clean athletes, to eat the most nutritious food we can to fuel our sport.  A belief that there is a different way to do things, a way that takes into account the long term nutritional benefits of what we eat, a way that is not just about fuel in equals energy out regardless of consequences.

Words by Rawvelo

Where are you watching the @liegebastognel this Sunday?! We’ll be showing it #LIVE from 1 o’clock! Not only that though... @rawvelo will be with us all Sunday handing out free samples & doing bits! Be sure to come down & meet the guys!

Instagram:  @rawvelo

Twitter: @rawvelosports

Website: www.rawvelo.com


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