March 09, 2018

This week you may have noticed, through either buying a takeaway coffee or just following us on our socials (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook), that we’ve drastically changed our takeaway cups. They’re now completely made of plants!

You might be wondering why the change? Why Vegware Coffee cups? And why are plants better than paper?

Hopefully we can give you answers to all of those questions and an idea as to why we’re so stoked and proud to have these new Takeaway Cups.

Firstly, who are Vegware and why are they so great?

Vegware are a manufacturer and a visionary brand, who globally specialise in compostable foodservice packaging. Born in Edinburgh in 2006, the award-winning catering disposables are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and can all be composted with food waste. They now provide sustainable packaging all around the world and are big players in the sustainable and circular economy. The movement is definitely growing!

Checkout this video that explains what Vegware are all about!


What’s wrong with recyclable?

The word ‘recyclable’ is thrown around willy nilly nowadays. Turns out, the UK in general, don’t do it very well and not an awful lot of thought goes into it. Here’s some news that highlights the real challenges of recycling used ‘recyclable’ packaging.

Disposable cups are not recyclable via the normal systems. The combination of plastic, card and food contamination ultimately leaves massive recycling issues inevitable, so the end result is incineration or landfill.  In an effort to balance this, the UK exports 70% of its paper and 66% of its plastic for recycling, but no one knows if it actually gets recycled or not due to the quality of the recyclable. Asian countries are the largest importers of this but are slowly discovering that the quality of the product is not good enough to recycle! So long story short recycling is not working with the current methods and facilities! The equation is as follows… Card + plastic + food = Non-recyclable.

So why is Compostable Cups best for G!RO and the Coffee Industry in general?

Compostable disposables are designed to be recycled in an industrial composting facility together with food waste. For disposables destined for serving food and drink, it makes sense for us to use materials that can be recycled together with food. With compostable disposables, food isn’t contamination, it’s a vital ingredient in the composting process. Bish, Bash, Bosh - VEGWARE!

Therefore, vitally they all share one bin! Its really that easy!  SO whenever you get your hands on one of our new takeaway cups, make sure you're putting it in the food bin when disposing! 

What is Vegware made from?

Vegware makes catering disposables from plants, not plastic. Vegware replaces conventional plastics with various plant-based materials. For example, PLA is a compostable material made from plants. The PLA replaces the plastic in coffee cup linings which allows the cup to be completed compostable. It's so simple really!

Read more about Vegware eco materials here.

There’s obviously been a lot of noise through the media lately regarding the disposable coffee cup debate and we’ve always considered ourselves to be proactive rather than reactive. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below about our new cups and if you do have any cool new recommendations you think we should take a look at. We're all ways open to ideas! Get suggesting!

We’ve got a lot of plans long in the running and this is only the start! Watch this space.

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