Pete's G!RO Tech Tips // Blog 1

January 21, 2014

In the three months we have been open (yes, it really has been three months already), a number of cyclists have called in with mechanical issues, hoping/pleading for any help we can give. Thankfully, most have been small jobs, and it has been easy enough to see them on their way again, after a (non) compulsory coffee.

I must reiterate that we are not a workshop, and while Jordan and myself have accrued wrenching knowledge over the years (and I serviced Boris bikes for a while, so if you ever need one of those fixing, I'm your guy), we only keep limited tools here. So sorry again Mr S-Works Tarmac, but no we can't fixed your broken BB with only allen keys.

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Why Carbon…

November 13, 2013

Steel is what got me into frame building. Steel is what I loved to ride, and the material I thought made the most beautiful bikes. Elegant, efficient, classic, malleable, forgiving, it gives frame builders so much to work with, all while holding their hand and saying, “it’s okay. Whatever you do I’ll still ride like a dream.” Steel tubesets available off the shelf like True Temper S3, Columbus Life and Columbus XCR make amazing bicycles. They have tremendous ride characteristics, and all the builder has to do is weld the thing together. Sure, that glazes over important talent critical in building a viable frame. To build a steel frame that is straight and won’t fall apart takes care and practice, but any framebuilder will admit that it’s not quite brain surgery.

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