Apidura - Racing Frame Pack


1L Bag:

The Racing Frame Pack (1L) is Apidura’s smallest race-orientated frame bag, specifically designed for fast rides, gravel racing and audax. A compact and minimal bag for storing a pump and tools, electronics or a packable layer.

Designed as an alternative to smaller storage packs such as the Racing Top Tube Pack, or to be paired with them as part of an ultra-minimal bikepacking set up.

The Racing Frame Pack (1L) is an easily-accessible and waterproof frame bag suited to a wide range of frame geometries and sizes thanks to its reversible design and multiple strap positions. A width of 5cm also makes The Racing Frame Pack (1L) the slimmest frame bag in our Racing Series, minimising the chances of knee rub on steel-framed audax and randonneur bikes with smaller tube profiles.

With protected cable-routing options in both orientations, and internal lash tabs to secure contents when riding on rough terrain, it is well-suited to charging devices whilst riding.

2.4L Bag:

A lightweight frame bag, optimised for the rigours of ultra-distance competition and rides that push limits.

Designed for the needs of ultra-distance cycling competition and audax, the Racing Frame Pack utilises the area inside a bike’s main triangle, creating a lower centre of gravity and enabling more neutral handling. This makes it useful for storing heavier, bulkier items, as well as items that need to be accessed on the go.

The waterproof bike frame bag is constructed from a lightweight laminate created specifically for Apidura, and has been shaped to provide a universal fit, for use with any frame. The three velcro straps are lightweight, easy to use, and can be set in multiple positions for enhanced compatibility with top tube bags.

An integrated support structure adds stiffness and allows the frame bag to be exceptionally minimal and lightweight, and a flexible pocket divider securely holds contents in place. For added convenience, a protected cable port enables charging of devices on the go.

Use our Interactive Sizing Tool to find the perfect size pack for your bike.



The bike frame bag is made from Hexalon, a bespoke laminated fabric developed specifically for Apidura. Designed to fit the demands of ultra-distance cycling competition, the material is waterproof and lightweight, with strong tear and abrasion resistance.

An integrated thermoset structure is fully bonded to the inside of the frame bag, adding stiffness and allowing the bag to be minimal and lightweight.


Wash The Racing Frame Pack by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.

Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.





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