Remlaw Bars

Flat bar for drop bar bikes.

The REMLAW Bar is our all-new handlebar optimised to provide comparable reach and handling as a drop bar, but with the comfort and simplicity of a flat bar. With 12° of sweep-back, hand positioning remains similar to that when using the hoods on a drop bar.

The REMLAW Bar has ample space for bags, lighting systems and other accessories making it the perfect flat bar companion for your next touring or bikepacking adventure!

Flat Bar for Drop Bar Bikes

We wanted to create a flat bar that could be used in place of a drop bar, yet still have comparable reach without compromising handling. The bends in the bar are designed to optimise positioning and keep body weight in front of the stem, whereas the sweep-back helps keep the hands' position from being too far forward. The nature of the sweep-back also means that when converting from a drop bar to the Remlaw Bar, the same length stem can be used without detriment to handling as the hands will be in a similar position.

A Tourer's Dream

Designed to work with either our GXR (Kevin) or GMX+ bikes, this bar can also be utilised as a general standalone bar on other adventure-style bikes. Being flat the Remlaw Bar provides a comfortable, easy-to-use bar that is ideal for any bikepacking or touring adventure.

Still Got Space?

The bar's central oversized section and curves have ample room for feedbags, front rolls, and aerobars to be attached to the bars. The curves in the bar also aid with clearance when out of the saddle, so your knees will be safe and free to pedal without obstruction!

The Name?

Take the word Remlaw. Reverse it. What do you get? That's right! Walmer. You really don't want to know what other ideas were put forward!


Material - 6061 alloy

Total Width - 800 mm

Forward from Central Section - 18 mm (At end of bar)

Central Section Length - 142 mm

Sweep - 12°

Rise - 0°

Reach - 41 mm (At thumb & forefinger grip)

Clamp Size - 31.8 mm

Grip Size - 22.2 mm

Weight - 400 g

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