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What Would An "Overlander" Ride?

Curve have loved the stories of the Overlanders from way back in the 1800's. Intrepid explorers who rode crazy distances without support across the harsh Australian outback. The GMX+ is a modern homage to these adventurers! Curve spent many hours pondering over the machine overlanders would have dreamt of if they had access to modern technology, and the GMX+ was their answer. This is an all-new adventure platform based on accomodating wide plus size tyre clearance (up to 3.0"), Curve's ultra wide drop bars, the Walmer Bars, and their innovative new fork geometry.

Developed from using the GMX for multiple Race's to the Rock, the GMX+ adds elements Curve thought were missing from the OG GMX. It's been redesigned from the ground up to have increased storage capacity, using a bikepacking specific geometry and leaving clearance for 3.0" tyres - enough to tackle almost anything out there - in Curve's primary research, deep, soft, desert sand.

This machine lets you go longer, more comfortably on the most diverse selection of terrains. Introducing the modern overlander, the GMX+.

Feeling thirsty?

Across the bike, over both the titanium frame and carbon fork, there is mounts for up to an astonishing 10 bottle cages, that can house 1L bottles! This includes offset downtube mounts which allow you to have two 1L water bottles within reach as well as a full frame bag.

 Walmer Bars

The Walmer Bar - Curve’s ultra wide drop bar - is the perfect handlebar to complement rugged off-road riding. These flared dirt drop bars come in 4 sizes (46, 50, 55, 60cm on the hoods), and can be specced on your GMX+, when building it up! The Walmer Bars give offer a deadly combination of stability, variety of hand positions and more bar bag space than any other bar out there.


With clearance for up to 29 x 3.0” plus size mountain bike tyres (27.5 x 3.0" in sizes XXS–XS) the GMX+ can take you anywhere. Big tires offer greater traction on a variety of terrains, lower your rolling resistance off road and saving you energy on those epic adventures, regardless of the terrain encountered. Taking anything from desert sand to siberian snow, in it's stride.

 Extended Sizing

The GMX+ is offered in a huge array of sizes... Curve wanted to enable as many of you out there as possible, the chance to explore further, faster and better! Curve have designed the sizes SM–XL around 29" wheels, while XXS and XS frames run 27.5" wheels to keep the geometry proportions and handling characteristics consistant across the sizes.

Curve GMX+ Frame

 3Al - 2.5V Aerospace Grade 9 titanium
7x cage mounts
Rear rack mounts
Clearance max 3.0" tyresGMX+ Fork: Carbon construction
Stainless steel hardware
Non-suspension corrected
12 x M5 mounts (6 per side)
430mm axle to crown
55mm offset
15 x 110mm axle spacing
180mm direct post mount brake
1.5" tapered steerer
Curve Headset: 44/56mm Zero-Stack

Curve Alloy Seat clamp: 34.9mm

 Walmer Bar option: Curve Walmer Bar
Ultra wide flared drop bar
Sizes 46, 50, 55 or 60cm
Curve Cocky Headbadge
Carbon expander
15 x 110mm front axle
12 x 148mm rear axle
Bolt-on cable guides

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