G!RO KeepCups are HERE!!!

G!RO KeepCups are HERE!!!

June 03, 2019

G!RO KeepCups are HERE!!! Join the reusable revolution!

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November 23, 2018

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Proudly Announcing – Workshop Coffee at G!RO

August 31, 2018

We are so stoked to formally announce that our coffee will now be supplied by the amazing guys down at Workshop Coffee, based in Bethnal Green, London. We are super excited to be working with Workshop, not only because of the quality of coffee that they produce but the shared idea and the support they will give us to bring you the best coffee possible! If that wasn’t enough, we will be the only place you can come and enjoy Workshop Coffee in Surrey, that’s right, we’re EXCLUSIVE BABY!! In all seriousness, we are really excited to see this new relationship blossom to take us to the next level and have no doubt you will love the end results.

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The Cold Coffee Takeover

June 07, 2018

Picture the scene. It’s a hot sweltering day. You’re out on a ride in need of refreshment. Something only a caffeine based drink will satisfy. Alas, a hot coffee won’t butter no parsnips. What do you do?! Decide on a drink that has the potential to refresh but also the potential to make you bonk on the home straight!? Don’t be ridiculous. Embrace what is the ever growing cold coffee world!

Find out about our favourite Cold Coffee brew methods and try them at home! The Cold Coffee Takeover!

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G!RO | Meet Rawvelo

April 20, 2018

Here at G!RO we follow a basic set of rules…  

“Respect yourself & those around you. Listen to your body. Eat well, drink well, sleep well. Obey the Laws of the road. Respect Each other. Riders, Drivers & Pedestrians. If you see another Rider be sure to give a wave. Savour every mile. Train Hard Ride Fun. #ridewithmates.”

When it comes to eating well and looking after yourself we like to think we have you covered. We take great pride in making sure the suppliers we work with our like minded with this mission! That’s why we’d like you to meet Rawvelo. An all natural energy bar with no added crap & they taste great! Here’s their story…

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#NEWKITDAY | Glorious.cc - The Cake Trooper Kit

March 23, 2018

Riding fast is fun, riding slow is fun, riding to the cake shop is even more fun!

Glorious CC is a group of riders who are passionate cyclists, who love a good challenge and push the limits… as long as there is a cafe at the end!

We're here to celebrate the launch of the 2018 CAKE TROOPER Kit from Glorious CC produced my Sportful. See it up close and personal here courtesy of C3 Products!

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coffeewithlewis - The Friday Feature 013 - with Jordan

March 16, 2018

"Coffee and Communities"

Lewis Fernandes (aka Coffee with Lewis) is an online coffee blogger & social media presence that has a serious passion about Coffee! With the starting ambition to review every speciality Coffee Shop in London, Lewis has really created a great community and buzz around telling us the stories of his Coffee experiences. We were lucky enough to have been asked to participate in his Friday Feature series. Here he is talking to our very own Jordan... 

'This week’s Friday Feature celebrates the return of the road cycling season by welcoming Jordan, co-owner of G!RO, to TFF! G!RO is a fantastic coffee shop in Esher (SW London) which serves up amazing coffee whilst acting as a hub for the community- cycling or otherwise. Last summer I spent an entire day here, watching a Tour de France stage and felt so comfortable and welcome. It’s a really great place with a powerful philosophy, as we’ll find out below.'

Read more of coffeewithlewis articles on his website... www.coffeewithlewis.com

Make sure you are following him on Instagram to keep up to date with all of his projects: coffeewithlewis

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March 09, 2018

This week you may have noticed, through either buying a takeaway coffee or just following us on our socials, that we’ve drastically changed our takeaway cups. They’re now completely made of plants!

You might be wondering why the change? Why Vegware Coffee cups? And why are plants better than paper?

Hopefully we can give you answers to all of those questions and an idea as to why we’re so stoked and proud to have these new Takeaway Cups.

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G!RO | Top Tips When Making Coffee at Home

February 15, 2018

Some baristas make it look so simple when they make you your coffee in the shop. Just their hand-eye coordination alone can make you want to learn how they do it. The thought of making a similar coffee at home is a dream for many of our customers. It is not easy, but there are some tips that we think can help you to get you on your way.

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G!RO Does Juice

February 09, 2018

Here at G!RO we are constantly looking for ways to bring our lovely customers the freshest possibly  prepared  food and drink which means making as much as we can here at G!RO. To kick start 2018 we are launching our very own line of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices made on site with our brand new cold pressed juicer.

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G!RO // Venue Hire

November 01, 2013

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